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“ASTG aspires to be the leading science and technology solutions and services provider in India. Associate with us and experience our products and services, you are guaranteed top quality.”


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Star Parties

We offer private star gazing sessions as well as star gazing programs with your organization as an activity. Our advanced telescopes and professional level event will certainly make your time worthwhile.

Telescope Garage

We offer professional level services in telescope consulting, purchase, training , repairs and maintenance. with our engineering team at hand, be rest assured that this is a one stop shop for your journey.

Partners Program

We offer the best tailored professional tie-ups in the segment pertaining to your organisation to ensure long term partnership and commitment to your organisation. Every organisation that joins hands with us gets a specially assigned Astrotrekker to oversee their requirements, because we want to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. Simply put, the best or nothing.

 “I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy your theme! Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time I visit my new site!”


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“Welcome to the home of The Astrotrekkers Group. We are a group of professionals in science and engineering with keen interest in astronomy and space science. Using our capabilities, we as the ASTG aspire to lead the astronomy popularization sector and build on our foundation to pioneer future science and astronomy challenges. Just like you, we were once just individuals with interest in stars and planets and the man on moon, as we underwent our formal education in respective fields of interest, we gained abilities which put us far ahead of what we imagined. We hope to inspire every individual to follow their dreams, and if it is among the stars, then of course, we are here to thrust you among them.”

Engineered Design

We design and engineer our projects to precision and perfection. We simply give our very best, every single time


Best quality is our top priority. We offer services and products with unmatched quality in the profession. We have been awarded certificates of excellence by our previous customers, and we sure want one from you.


If you aspire to become our member, now is the time to reach out to us and get a boost to your interest in science. Our membership gets you special benefits which can help you leap light years ahead in your understanding and knowledge of the field.

Non-Profit Donations

If you are working in an organisation which would like to support the education of the needy children, we would be glad to get in touch and make it possible by your kind donations. Our resources combined with your help will ensure a bright future for the next generation.

It is a very unique experience to have The Astrotrekkers Group conduct their star gazing program in our organisation. This is the second time we have arranged for it, and our students are really liking it and learning along the way.

Indus International School

It was really fun getting to know the Astrotrekkers team and their project. They were all helpful in answering questions and I had an amazing time attending the star party. Observing the night sky will never be the same again !

Radhika Apte, IT ProffesionalAmateur Astronomer

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! They have commendable talent in their fields and strong will to achieve what they dream. An amazing experience!

Suyog Rege, Electromech CranesOn arranging a Corporate Social Responsibility Program from E-MECH by ASTG

Telescope Service

We offer one stop shop for telescope related equipment, repairs, maintenance, training, and purchase.



We also have recently established a team in our organisation for astrophotography. We undertake astrophotography for major events and also conduct workshops in relation to it.

Completely Customizable Programs

The Astrotrekkers Group has capability to offer tailored programs for organisation/individual specific requests and requirements. We are the only organisation in the country who offer such services.

Research and Development

We are constantly pushing and testing our technological capabilities by undertaking challenging research projects. Be a member and get to know more about what we are currently working on.

Science Projects

Our team of engineers and innovators are constantly creating science projects to demonstrate concepts and to also help support the organisations research and development.


From time to time we accept membership requests from individuals as well as organisations, schools and colleges. Be a member and have the chance to participate in our projects and get some hands on experience. For more details , feel free to contact us via email.


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